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The Teacher is an educational magazine for English teachers, students, as well as anyone interested in the culture of English-speaking countries. The magazine publishes articles on English methodology, both theory and practice that can be utilized in the classroom. Additionally, it reviews books and latest TEFL trends and includes coverage of trainings and conferences. The Teacher has worked with, e.g., Maria Birkenmajer, David Crystal, Hilary Davis, Hugh Dellar, Jeremy Harmer, Jarosław Krajka, Piotr Krasnowolski, Hanna Kryszewska, Diana Lea, Hanna Mrozowska, Luke Prodromou, Herbert Puchta, Mario Rinvolucri, Michael Rundell, Marcin Smolik, Piotr Steinbrich, Grzegorz Śpiewak, Scott Thornbury, Liz Walter.

The Teacher is one of the leading international magazines for American-English teachers, and it publishes teaching resources in Canada, the United States, Central and South America, and South-East Asia. Each issue contains reviews of teaching materials, useful guidelines, and articles written by renowned methodology experts.

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Modern English Teacher

News, methodical tips, meaningful books reviews

Modern English Digest - najlepsza metodyka

Modern English Teacher Quarterly has been published for 30 years. It focuses on the pragmatic side of teaching English and, therefore, publishes articles on theory and application as well as reviews of the latest educational trends, which may be helpful in professional development and classroom. In each issue, you will find the information on testing, English language theory, English language methodology, and more specialized topics, for example, ESP and CALL. The magazine allows you to stay current on the latest trends in TEFL.


Interesting articles, the latest world news prepared to use on english lessons

Modern English Digest - najlepsza metodyka

Newsademic is an easy-to-understand international newspaper, written and edited in a style that assists English Language teaching and learning.

Currently teachers and students in over 100 countries subscribe to Newsademic.

Newsademic is a fortnightly publication (20 articles) and associated website. Both British and American English versions of the newspaper are available. The easy-to-read newspaper features the top world news stories that have made headlines during the previous two weeks. Produced in both a PDF and HTML format many ELT/EFL teachers and students consider it a hugely valuable resource.

Newsademic Features:

  • 26 issues in 12 months
  • Features stories currently making the international news
  • Articles, written in an easy-to-read style, include latest news plus background information and explanation
  • Each issue is accompanied by two sets of activities/worksheets and the respective answer keys
  • Articles featured reflect no political or religious bias
  • Stories are reported factually and every attempt is made to feature both sides of any situation in which opinions differ
  • Focus on international news events that shape and affect the world that we all live in today
  • Carries no advertising