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The Teacher is published in 20,000 copies, 12,000 of which reach approximately 40,000 readers a month. Our studies indicate these individuals are well situated, active, and educated. The Teacher provides them with knowledge and inspiration in the field of ELT.

Our regular clients are the biggest language publishing houses as well as smaller businesses promoting interesting, innovative undertakings in ELT. Our growing and user friendly website is an ideal place for those who wish to mark or secure their presence online. Please familiarize yourself with our advertising policy. We welcome various forms of advertising, like sponsoring or bartering, for instance.

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Our website is regularly visited mostly by polish English teachers. Here, they are able to find the latest ELT information as well as materials and methodological news useful in their profession. For many years we have been collaborating with the biggest publishing houses like Macmillan Education, Pearson Longman, Oxford University Press. Thanks to The Teacher website they are able to inform our readers about their offers and initiatives. Its dynamic structure and functions make it a perfect place for all publishing houses, companies, institutions and individuals to arise on internet.

Each contractor is treated individually and professional service is guaranteed. To all new clients we offer very attractive conditions and free help in preparing visual advertisement.

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