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A Personal Note Writing with a twist

Level(s): (B1) Intermediate/(B2) Upper-Intermediate/C1 Pre-Advanced Aimed at: Teenagers/young adults/adults Aims: Speaking/Authentic reading/A personal note writing Materials: Handouts 1&2 Time: +/- 60 min The personal note used in this lesson plan was published in the...


Once upon a time… – creative writing

How to make an interesting use of Past Simple and Past Continuous? How to make writing pleasant? Introduce creative writing to your lessons! Level: Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate Aimed at: Teenagers Aims: Past Simple and Past...


Writing does not have to be painful

If there is one skill that is neglected duringgeneral foreign language (FL) courses, it needs to be the skill of writing. It so happens that most lower-secondary school classrooms are no exception here. Teachers...